Strategic Multi-Channel Marketing for Pharma
April 5 - April 7 in Washington, DC
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Violet Adlaia

Omnicom Global Client Leader

Violet’s passion for healthcare and the psychology behind customer behavior has been the driver behind her focus on integrated marketing.  She is a trusted advisor to leading healthcare companies to develop strategically aligned and fully integrated global brand communications that drive maximum value and metrics accountability across all marketing efforts.  She’s led numerous corporate and product launches across a wide range of healthcare categories, US and globally, for leading healthcare companies including P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Merck, Siemens, and Pfizer.   She also brings knowledge and insight from several enterprise consolidations in healthcare and is skilled at bringing teams together to pursue a common vision and goals. 

Today, Violet serves as an Omnicom Global Client Leader for GSK, providing clients with enterprise solutions and navigating the expertise of the Omnicom network to solve business challenges.  She can be reached at violet.aldaia@omnicomgroup.com