Strategic Multi-Channel Marketing for Pharma
April 5 - April 7 in Washington, DC
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Chad Hyett

Porter Novelli
Senior Vice President
I spend most of my days unlearning, which is easy because I’m pretty forgetful. All kidding aside, that’s what’s wrong with marketers today. We've been educated to think everything has to be done in a certain way. We reapply techniques and have become all too comfortable with the familiar. We need to unlearn a lot. And we can't fear getting a few things wrong. I don’t want to work on something that is familiar and safe. I want to do things that no one's ever done. That’s what gets me up early in the morning every day.

Since childhood I have loved seeing how things work. If it came apart, I took it apart. And I put it back together in different ways. Always with extra parts, of course. Every once in a while things worked differently without those extra parts and that gets me excited. I guess some people would call it hacking and it never stops for me.

For the past 15 years I’ve been hacking away at the marketing communications field. I’m a techy at heart which has led me down the road of helping clients find creative digital solutions to their marketing needs. I’ve built analytic models, experimented with new social media technologies and along the way came up with a few good marketing ideas for companies large and small.

So let’s see where we can do things a little different. But not too different that it scares everyone away. Although I'd be up for that too.